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Lecture "MUTANT Dreaming darkness – breathing light. Flaws in the fabric of breath."

Narcissus Quagliata about his lecture:
  • Introduction
  • Brief highlights of my career in images through my work over 50 years span.
  • Presentation of this project, how it came about.
  • Poetry reading of excerpts from the book, focusing on very diverse moods, from playful and lighthearted to intensely dark, from melancholy to exuberant. Simultaneously with the reading, images in black and white of the sketches will be projected on the screen, highlighting the counterpoint between images and words.
  • I will share the methods I used for fifty years to record my personal life and consciousness, and then the processes I developed to make this record relevant, not only in my personal artwork, but even in large public commissions. This portion will be a description of the creative process in my life. I believe that the totality of the millions of small, disjointed, seemingly unrelated experiences of life can actually be woven into a cohesive statement, especially in the latter part of a life. How do you manifest that? Why would you want to manifest that?
  • Brief presentation of Chapter 3 - My long and perplexing encounter with a Vulture on Dec 11, 2010, that opened up unknown dimensions and questions I have never been able to answer since then.
  • Vulture. Presentation of a 4-minute experimental black and white video based on that encounter, by Annalisa Quagliata, my daughter, now an internationally recognized experimental filmmaker.
  • Presentation of the main theme of the book, MUTANT
  • Presentation of my most recent glass pieces from the book (and some not in the book) in the color section. The entire presentation will culminate with this sequence of images of my must recent works, still unknown to the public. Poetry and glass merge. And finally a set of images to share my latest discoveries and techniques that I have developed to achieve these artworks.
  • Concluding statement
  • Open question and answer period.

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